A Passion
for Fiber Arts

“Hitchhiker among the stars”(c)2015

Tested Hitchhiker

About the Artist

Tabitha has been weaving since 1980, creating handwoven textiles for the wardrobe and home. Since 1990, with a move to Roxbury in Delaware County New York’s Catskill Region, she learned to spin, which expands her production “From Fleece to Fabric (c) 2019. She sells her products through the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild in Margaretville. In January 2018, she joined the American Tapestry Alliance, and through the mentor-mentee program is strengthening her tapestry weaving skills to create woven artwork. She has participated in the AMR Open Studios Tour since 2012.

About the Art —
Inspired by and
sourced from the
Catskill Mountains

Her tag line “BRING HOME THE COLORS OF THE CATSKILLS” ™ reflects how much the surrounding beauty and studio views influence her creativity. By dyeing, with non-toxic dyes, locally sourced wools in small amounts, she purposely allows for subtle color variations in the 1-2lb balls of rovings. She had spins these into 3oz balls, and sells them individually and as Weekend Craft Kits, or uses them in her woven products.

Tabitha’s Roxbury studio is one of the few weaver studios in Delaware County, NY. Her passion for weaving lead to a commitment to both the large equipment and the time-consuming demands of the medium. New projects can take up to eight hours to set up on the loom.

Studio visits are by appointment.

Contact Info

Mailing Address: 424 Carr George Road, Denver NY 12421
Studio Address: 424 Carr George Road, Roxbury NY 12474
Phone: 607.326.7662
Facebook: @handwoventextiles

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