• Scripture Based Tapestries

    Scripture Based Tapestries

  • Do you ever ‘marinate’ your artwork?!

    I just took a webinar “Developing a Clear and Confident Process with Handstitch” presented by Textile Artist.org that feature British handstitcher/artist Sue Stone.  Either in her comments or in the Chatbox, was this comment about the importance of letting one’s artwork ‘marinate’ .  How absolutely on target:  I have several projects (part ofmy Messy Studio …

  • The Catskilled Crafters “VERSO-RECTO” Book Project, (c) 2019-2020

    In March 2019, Gail Freund invited me to join the Catskilled Crafters in a book project.  Each of the 15+members have created individual fabric books to illustrate the following 15 themes:  Animals, Passages, Birds of the Catskills, Snow or Snowflakes, Family Secrets, Mirrors, Circular-Anything Circular, Bugs-Insects Galore, Impermanence, Remains, Catskill Beauty-worthy of protection, Home, Rainbow, …

  • Why I weave tapestries: check out the quote below

    I just read the following quote (original source unknown): “A work of art should tell people what they need to know.” I believe art that has value is meeting and/or challenging one’s spirituality:  we all wonder why we are here, what is the value of human life, and am I valuable  or important, or loved to …

  • Imagine This Window in a school building

      My friend Patrice found this stained glass window in an old NYC school……How appropriate a message for the New Year!!

  • Review of “How Art is Made in the Catskills” (c) 2017 Simona David

    Jessica Reed, writing in the December 2019 monthly publication A TIME AND A PLACE, reviewed Simona David’s 2017 book on ‘”How Art is Made in the Catskills”.  Simona interviewed 10 Artists who call Eastern Delaware County home.  Here is Jessica describing Simona’s talent in which she “creates a seamless rapport with each artist, drawing out …

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